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Vedic Wellness University is the cornerstone to the all-inclusive aspect of wellness. There is a perpetually conscious interaction between the mind and the body and their vitality is interconnected. The vedic healing has proven to be an undisputed approach for the welfare of mankind. Wellness in itself is an ideal rendition to an elated and healthful mind and body through fitness, food, lifestyle, culture and emotions. Our institution endeavors to unify the elaborate components of wellness, some of which are Yoga, Food and Nutrition, Traditional therapies, Arts and Music etc., by bringing together the constituents of wellness from around the world.

In Vedic Wellness University we have plethora of opportunities as for a constructive growth in career and a comprehensive impart of knowledge.

The University offers higher education leading to Doctoral, Masters, Advanced Diplomas and certification for Yoga and Fitness, Food and Nutrition, Arts and Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Holistic Healing & Meditation, Traditional therapies, Wellness Coaching. The provision of these programs are rendered both internationally and provincially much to the benefit of our students.




The provincial programs are made available through affiliates and national forums of the University.

The international programs are offered through channels of education-technologies and other unparalleled ways like Distance Education through webinars, Personal Contact Programs (PCP), Study with a Scholar on Travel, Resident Teachings and, One-on-one teaching from accomplished professionals and practitioners in the chosen area of study.

Apart from the various courses and convenient methods of learning we provide, we bring forth Inter-discipline Students Exchange, several Corporate Wellness Programs. Needless to say, we also make use of front-line technologies in our system of education.

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Creating a strong Intellectual and entrepreneurial platform that could have transformative impact on wellness of individual at regional, national and global level through preservation, promotion, propagation of “Sanathana Dharma” (Natural, Ancient & Eternal Order) Enshrined in the “Vedic Literature”



Create a technology –based innovative global platform for Vedic education and research.

Provide equal ‘Vedic Educational opportunities for all’ by engaging partners within and outside the traditional borders of the university.

Work as an online and virtual university through skill-oriented enrichment, empowerment,

Develop global community of Vedic scholars and philosophers through talent recognition and reward management schemes.


International Affiliations And Collaborations


We work in collaboration with several institutions, across different countries for the betterment of the extensive subjects we offer. We are affiliated to top-notch universities that provide the best of the education for all the VWU programs Our collaboration for yoga and naturopathy are listed as follows:

DUBAI & UAE countries





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