Yoga is one of the ancient subjects of Wellness. The origin of yoga have been speculated to date back to pre- Vedic Indian period according to Rig Veda.

According to Sri Aurobindo, ‘ Yoga is a methodical effort towards self-perfection through developing one’s latent potential in the physical, vital, intellectual and spiritual levels.

Yoga is not a philosophy nor a Religion. Yoga is a system and not mere physical exercise. It is an exact science. It consciously restructures our psyche and of our subtle bodies.

Program Highlights :

Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali is considered to be one of the foundational texts of classical Yoga philosophy. This course includes five proximate practices and three ultimate practices.

  • Yamas - Self-restraints to get rid of bad habits
  • Niyamas - Good habits to be instilled;
  • Asanas - Body postures to keep the body controlled and motionless;
  • Pranayama - Controlled deepening of respiration to calm the mind;
  • Pratyahara - Keeping senses from distracting one’s mind by focusing them on an object or point of meditation.
And also practice of: Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi
ELIGIBILITY: 12th Completed for Diploma, Degree for Masters


Naturopathy is considered a holistic approach to health due to the fact that it focuses on the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Naturopaths believe in detoxifying, cleansing, and strengthening the body to enhance the body's own natural healing ability. The objective of naturopathy is to optimize the body’s self-healing ability, rather than to address symptoms of disease

Program Highlights
Yoga, diet therapy, herbs, acupressure, reflexology, manual manipulation, magnetism, color therapy, sound therapy, food and nutrition, holistic healing, meditation and kinesiology
In our Industrialised era, more and more people are looking for alternative therapies and Naturopathic treatments, which has no side effects. This course provides Holistic approach and syllabus is well designed. Enroll for a bright and lucrative career!

CERTIFICATE, DIPLOMA, Specialization in Masters, Research in PHD
ELIGIBILITY: 12th Completed


This course aims to provide a radical approach and understanding of Food, Health and Disease. The course is experiential in nature and empowers the learner to take care of personal health and help others in the society at large, to preserve health and prevent disease, through evidence based knowledge.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are highly prevalent throughout the developing world. Our Program focuses on providing proper Nutrition knowledge to address the challenges and use the opportunity window at right timeperiod to prevent undernutrition problems

Program Highlights:
Programs Offered:
Certificate, Diploma
Eligibility: 12th Completed For Diploma and Degree for Masters


Everyone is unique. One's basic constitution is determined at the time of conception known as Prakruti.. Our current condition is called Vikruti. Ayurveda teaches that your Vikruti can be changed by means of diet and meditation so as to approach your Prakruti or the state where you have perfect health. In Ayurveda, equal emphasis is given to the body, mind and spirit, and it strives to restore the innate harmony of the individual.

Program Highlights:

  • Tridoshas ; Prakruti and Vikruti
  • Learn Anti aging methodologies
  • Promote good health of all the organs
  • Reduce fatigue and stress
  • Nurture proper diet
  • Beauty Therapies
  • Heal disorders of the nervous system
Programs Offered:
Certificate, Diploma, Master’s and Doctorate
Eligibility: 12th Completed


Meditation is the heart of Yoga. It is the flowering of the mind and soul, and with it comes peace, clarity, harmony and energy. Three basic attitudes required are goodwill, empathy and letting go

Wisdom springs from meditation, without meditation wisdom declines.

Program Highlights
Yoga Nidra
Ana Pana Sati
Transcendental Meditation
Kundalini Yoga

Programs Offered:
Certificate, Diploma
Eligibility: 12th Completed


Holistic Healing is the process of healing that seeks to maintain or restore balance on all the three levels – Mind, Body and Spirit.

This Course will give you all the detailed knowledge about philosophy of ‘Healing’, Anatomy and Physiology, Stress Management Techniques and Basic Counseling Techniques.

Program Highlights :
  • Introduction to Energy and subtle energy Bodies
  • Reiki
  • Pranic Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Aura
  • Chakra Balancing and Activation
  • Hypnosis and Innerchild healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Shamanism
This Course will certify you as a ‘Holistic Healer’ and open the opportunities of being employed by Therapy Centers, Corporate Wellness Programs, and Acupuncture Clinics or open your own private setup.

Holistic healing is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately; living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness.

Programs Offered:
Certificate, Diploma, Pg Diploma, Master’s And Doctorate
Eligibility: 12th Completed

Acupressure is basically a traditional healthcare system, migrated from India and developed in China. This is a drugless therapy under Naturopathy.

In Acupressure, there are specific points in human body, when pressed balances the energy in the body organ related to that point. These points can be stimulated by various objects. When such points of energy are stimulated by use of needle, it is called acupuncture. When magnets are used it is called magneto therapy. With colors, it is known as color therapy and with seeds, it is known as seed therapy

This course is very effective for managing stress-related ailments, for boosting the immune system, for pain management and for Chronic care management. This is ideal for self-treatment, preventive healthcare and improves overall wellness.

Acupressure treatments are accepted and welcomed worldwide because of its affordability and lack of side effects during or after the treatment. No side effects. One can treat any disease. This makes Acupressure one of the most lucrative and satisfying careers

Programs Offered
Diploma and Advanced Diploma In
- TCM acupressure course
- Ayurvedic acupressure course

ELIGIBILITY: 12th Completed


HSP (Heightened Sensory Perception) refers to the ability to perceive information when the normal five senses are restricted. HSP awakens the potential senses of the brain.

Program Highlights:

  • Understanding the Ancient knowledge of Shabda Bedha Yoga Vidhya
  • Food and its importance based on Titriya Upanishad
  • Effect on tridoshas
  • Study of Sensory perception & HSP Brain Yoga
  • Study of Sound
  • Know your Inner Teacher & Doctor within
  • Types of persons & their learning style
  • Application of HSP yoga in Memory & Concentration, Personality Development, Sports