Diploma, Bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and/or PhD degrees in Schools  of Vedic Sciences, Yoga and Wellness and Arts and Culture  issued from Vedic Wellness University  are NOT equivalent or comparable to a Doctor of Medicine Degree (M.D.) or a Doctor in Naturopathy Degree (ND).

Vedic Wellness University’s course materials and any recommendations therein, as well as any recommendations made by faculty members, instructors, and/or staff, are provided for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace diagnosis and/or treatment by licensed medical practitioners. 

Vedic Wellness University offers the materials in good faith, with the belief that they are accurate. However, because the use of the materials by others is outside Vedic Wellness University’s control, it cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this information and does not accept any liability for the use or misuse of this information.

Any certificates, diplomas, and degrees from Vedic Wellness University or any Board Certifications acquired after (by) graduating from a degree program at Vedic Wellness University do not constitute a license to practice medicine or naturopathy and do not entitle graduates to any state, provincial, or federal licensure. Vedic Wellness University is an education provider and does not issue board or other certifications or licenses to practice.

Vedic Wellness University graduates must not represent themselves as licensed medical practitioners or naturopathic doctors, nor claim to treat, diagnose, cure, or prescribe.

Vedic Wellness University strongly advises students and graduates to avoid any professional conduct that could be interpreted as examining, diagnosing, or treating clients for any disease or disorder, injury, physical, and/or mental condition. In addition, students of Vedic Wellness University understand that diagnosing disease, dispensing drugs, and/or performing surgeries can only be done by formally trained and licensed medical professionals.

If you are a licensed practitioner, you must first and foremost comply with all Licensing Board and State regulations that may apply to your specific practice, including any required State Registration.

Vedic Wellness University is not responsible for a student’s or graduate’s actions or for the interpretation or misinterpretation of any international, federal, provincial, state, and/or local laws.

All students and graduates must consult their own local and state legislature as well as all federal and state licensing or certification boards for the exact laws pertaining to their scope of practice and the practice of medicine and naturopathy.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in natural and integrative Wellness, you should consult with the appropriate certification boards to assure that your credentials will allow you to achieve your professional goals.


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